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Locally Grown & Fresh Cut

Certified Organic Flowers & Foliage for Bouquets, Arrangements
and Special Events

Let us be your personal Flower Farmer!

Our flower and greenery cuts are grown on Windcrest Farm in Monroe, NC.
Windcrest Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm. This means our flowers and foliage cuts are not shipped from far away places, grown with chemicals or sprayed with fungicides, stored in a warehouse or artificially colored like wholesale and grocery store flowers. Each flower is hand harvested within 24 hours of delivery, so expect a long vase life!

Bloom Buckets = our beautiful blooms + your creativity

Our Bloom Buckets contain our Farmer's Choice of the freshest seasonal flowers and greenery. Use your vases and talents to create stunning arrangements on a budget. Your bucket will vary weekly, depending on what is in season and to keep things interesting.

We strive to include a range of floral types, sizes and textures in our Bloom Buckets. This includes seasonal focal flowers and flowering branches.

The Bloom Bucket has 50+ Farmer's Choice stems (flowers and foliage) for $60 and is perfect to fill several small vases, mason jars, or create a dramatic centerpiece.
Do to the nature of flowering farming, we do not guarantee specific flowers in the Farmer's Choice Bloom Bucket.

The Bounty Bucket has 80+ stems for $90. The Bounty includes specialty flowers not included in the smaller Bloom Bucket so it is perfect for weddings, showers, family reunions, open house days, and other special events.

The Bloom Bucket - Foliage Edition has 50+ stems for $45. Our foliage and greenery cuts are a perfect complement to our Bloom Buckets and to supplement flowers you are growing on your own.

Add an Herbal Twist! We also harvest buckets of fragrant herbs to include in bouquets. Pretty in the kitchen and pretty on the plate! While the stems are not as long on our herb cuts, the fragrance and dual purpose add interest, aromatherapy and flavor to bouquets.
The Herbal Twist Bucket contains 30+ stems for $40.

The Bucket Subscription: For people who LOVE flowers! Also perfect for restaurants, offices and retail locations. Receive a Bloom Bucket each week for 5 weeks at only $50.00 a bucket.
That's like getting a Bucket for free!

AND OF COURSE , we also supply Custom Bloom Buckets, cut to order. Let us know what you are looking for, the quantity and we will give you a quote.

  • Place your order with a three day lead time.
  • All orders are pre-paid.
  • A $5 bucket deposit is require or you may bring your own clean buckets for transfer.
  • Design services are not included in the Bloom Bucket price and are invoiced separately.
  • Pickup at the farm is arranged by appointment; delivery is an additional $5.

Contact Mary at to discuss all the options.

Proud Member of the Association of American Cut Flower Growers

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