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We are proud to partner with, and support, our fellow market vendor
Nils Nordstrand of North State Hosta!
From now until Wednesday, April 23, 2022 order your hosta plants online for pickup at Windcrest Farm by appointment on Friday / Saturday April 29-30, 2022

From Nils at North State Hosta:
"North State Hostas started 14+ years ago as a hobby that got out of control. As a hosta enthusiast, I found myself searching far and wide in the Piedmont region to find plants. So, I learned to source them, grow them, and eventually, sell them to a waiting market. As America's number 1 shade perennial it is ideally suited for the Piedmont area, matching soil, climate and tree canopy needs. We typically offer 35-40 varieties annually from classics to cutting edge varieties, and in all sizes. We are pleased to partner with Windcrest Farms to address gardener's needs in these sequestered times."