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With our Custom Grow Program, you select the varieties that perform best for your farm and market and use our expertise and facilities to grow quality transplants delivered to your schedule. As a certified organic facility, we require only non-treated, non-GMO seeds.

  • Using quality transplants extends the growing season. Transplants are ready to set out immediately after reasonable risk of frost is past.
  • Transplants allow more efficient use of fertilizer and irrigation water during early growth stages.
  • Earlier harvests are attainable by using transplants vs. direct seeding in the field. Generally, an earlier harvest is more valuable to the market therefor costs associated with buying transplants can easily be recouped.
  • When transplants are planted in the field, plants are more uniform since they start off in the field at the same growing stage.
  • With our Custom Growing Program, any variety of seed can be ordered for transplant production. This give you a much wider selection of varieties than are available through commercially produced transplants which are limited to the most popular varieties.
  • Using Windcrest Farm Transplants eliminates the additional expense, expertise and time needed to run a greenhouse and coordinate sowing dates with planting dates in the field.

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