Why Local Flowers?

They Are Truly Local
Almost 80% of fresh flowers sold in the United States are not grown in North America, but in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Israel. Shipping flowers from those countries to the United States incurs huge transportation, energy, refrigeration, and storage costs, leaving an enormous carbon footprint.
They Are Truly Fresh
Imported flowers are often cut a week or more before the arrive in a consumer's hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. Locally-grown flowers can be cut in the morning and on your dining room table that evening.
They Are Responsibly Grown
We grow our flowers using responsible farming methods like integrated pest management, diverse cropping systems, and low input fertilization programs. Our farm encourages important biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation.
They Smell Better
Many commodity-type flowers have been bred for uniformity to fit into a box and for long-distance travel, causing them to lose their natural fragrance in the process. Locally-grown flowers offer greater varieties, and a wide range of colors, forms, and scents.
They Support a Family Farm and the Local Economy
The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contribute to a community's economy, and provides employment and valuable agriculture experience to young people.
They Make You Feel Better
Flowers reduce stress and improve your mood. Flowers can be connected to a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They have a story and you are part of it.