Applying Your Vinyl Decal Design
Four simple steps apply your new decal!

Windcrest Farm vinyl decals makes it easy to apply lettering and graphics to a wide range of items. A special tape holds your decal design together so you can apply it to surfaces such as laptops, cars, decorative items, notebooks, beverage containers and many others.
  1. Before applying the design decal, prepare the project surface using an alcohol wipe and let it dry. This removes any surface dirt and oils that may cause the decal not to stick to the surface of your project surface.
  2. To apply your design, first slowly peel the transfer tape from the paper backing. Your design will adhere to the sticky transfer tape and lift off the paper backing.
  3. Next place the tape with the decal design on the project surface and check the position of the design. Once you are happy with the placement, apply pressure with your fingers, starting in the center of the design and work outwards across the tape surface until the tape adheres to the surface. To make sure the design transfers completely to the project surface, use a credit card or gift card and press across the tape from end to end.
  4. Now slowly remove the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle from the design. It is important to remove the tape slowly to make sure the vinyl design does not lift up with the tape from the project surface. The more detailed and delicate the design, the slower you should remove the tape. To be safe, you can leave the tape in place for up to 24 hours to make sure your design has fully adhered to your project surface.

That's it!